We, the musicians of New York City, are a strong and diverse community.  Our support network for one another is based in years of collaborative music-making; of listening to one another in order to play better together; and, while encouraging freedom of expression from individual voices, we commit to the evolution of our collective voice.

These skills are not just musical; they translate directly into our social community.

Bearing that in mind, MUSICIANS INDIVISIBLE intends to strengthen our collective voice as we speak up for equality, for freedom of expression, for our civil rights, and
for progressive policy, locally and nationally.

MUSICIANS INDIVISIBLE will be an access point for music practitioners to be fully engaged in the process of government as social activists.  We intend to hold our representatives accountable to our voice, particularly as it needs to be heard as a unified line of RESISTANCE to extreme, unjust, exclusionary or racist agendas.

Let's help each other stay informed, involved, vigilant against injustice, and VOCAL in our community.